National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) in WA Perth Hills

The NDIS has commenced in regions called trial sites, and will be fully implemented in Australia by 2018. Pace National is registered to provide supports for NDIS participants in Western Australia.

If you are a registered NDIS participant, click here to find out more about our services.

The Process (For a new participant)

  1. Confirm that you meet the Access and Eligibility requirements. (See below, or you can confirm your eligibility by using the Government’s online tool, My Access Checker)
  2. If you are eligible, contact your nearest NDIS Customer Service Centre, and make an appointment with an NDIS Planner
  3. If you would like some assistance, contact us to talk to us about Managing your Plan, and to use our Pre-Planning Tool. The NDIS also have a Planning Workbook to help you prepare for the meeting
  4. Attend your Planning Meeting, and negotiate you Plan (You can take someone to support you)
  5. Choose whether you would like to manage your plan, or if you would like a provider like us to manage it for you
  6. Engage the service providers that you would like to use under your Plan
  7. Ask the NDIA to review your Plan if it is not meeting your needs.

The information below is a summary of NDIS access requirements, for full information visit the NDIS website

Access Requirements

Western Australia

You are under 65 years of age, and a permanent Australian resident. (or New Zealand under some circumstances*)
You currently reside, and at 1 July 2014 resided in one of the below Local Government Areas, or resided in another trial site at 01 July 2013 (or moved here under certain circumstances*)

Swan LGA
Kalamunda LGA
Mundaring LGA

*Refer to the NDIS website for full information on access requirements.


To be eligible to participate, you must also meet eligibility requirements. We have provided a summary below.

The impact of your disability is likely to be permanent, AND
Your impairment is intellectual, cognitive, sensory or psychiatric in nature, AND
You require substantial support, for example:

  • Someone assists you most days, or
  • You require special assistive equipment, AND

Your disability impacts your ability to participate in life, AND
The NDIS is best suited, rather than another service (i.e. the health system), AND
You are likely to require this support for your lifetime.

*Refer to the NDIS website for full information on eligibility.

If you would like assistance with your Plan, contact us to talk about your circumstances