Workplace Rehabilitation

Pace National is a Nationally Accredited Workplace Rehabilitation Provider (WRP) with WorkCover WA. Pace National staff are passionate about assisting individuals and organisations in their efforts to assist staff back to work as efficiently and sustainably as possible. Find out more about our Workplace Rehabilitation services.

Employee Assistance Programs

People seldom get through life without having to deal with some sort of serious personal problem. An Employee Assistance Program can give your employees a way to cope with personal issues that can have a negative impact on their job performance, such as work-related stress or problems outside of the workplace. Pace National experienced psychologists support employees to work through sensitive issues in complete confidence without worrying about their job status or career. Employers are rewarded by less absenteeism and reduced risks of workplace injury. Find out more about our Employee Assistance Programs.

Human Resources Consulting

Recruiting, retaining and developing the right people can enhance individual, team and organisational performance and assist in achieving your strategic business objectives. Pace National understands how important it is to make the right decisions about the people. Decisions should be informed, based on sound evidence and assisted with expert advice. Find out more about our HR Consulting.

Disability Support Services

Pace National delivers a range of disability specific and tailored services for people with disability, their support networks and their support organisation. Pace National employs highly experienced registered and clinical psychologists, skilled in supporting people with disabilities and their families. Find out more about our Disability Support Services.